Acreage Bullet Catch


Ocken Co wants to say a tremendous THANK YOU  to Sheriff James Brueggeman and the Perkins County, Ne. Sheriffs Department, for the purchase of ten G2 Acreage Bullet Catches!

 God Bless you and your service to our country. Enjoy your new Shooting Range. 

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Strike Plate Dampening Pad!

   This is a simple yet innovative idea that was born out of great feedback from our customers.  Many Acreage Bullet Catch owners use suppressed handguns, and wanted a quieter Strike-Plate. Through much research we found we could provide resistance to shock (bullet impact) by hanging a blanket of strong heavyweight rubber on the back of the Strike Plate. In turn this provides good vibration dampening, and impact absorption.  End result...much quieter impact and increased longevity of strike plate!

Made of a 1/2" thick High Density Rubber weighing 16.5 lbs easily attaches to back of Strike-plate with two hangers in only seconds!
 Shoot Safe- Shoot Green.

8 " GONG

Made of quarter inch, AR 400 steel. 

Now available for purchase!!