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OCKEN Co and Acreage Bullet Catch has experienced a high volume of sales in the last month which unfortunately has left our inventory of RM400 and 500s depleted.

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  Strike Plate Dampening Pad.  

This is a simple yet innovative idea was born out of great feed back from our customers.  Many Acreage Bullet Catch owners use suppressed handguns, and wanted a quieter Strike Plate.  Through much research we found we could provide resistance to shock (bullet impact) by hanging a blanket of strong lightweight Rubber on the back of the Strike Plate.  In turn this provides good vibration damping, and impact absorption. End result...much quieter impact and increased longevity of strike plate!
Made of a 1/2" thick High Density Rubber weighing 16.5 lbs easily attaches to back of Strike-plate with two hangers in only seconds! 
Shoot Safe - Shoot Quiet - Shoot Green!

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