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RM 400 Acreage Bullet Catch w/ AR 400 Strike-Plate 140 lbs ( click image for additional info)


Acreage Bullet Catch with 1/4" AR 400 Steel Strike-plate.Plate has two additional 3/8" ribs welded to the top and the bottom of the plate to increase rigidity and prolong strike plate life. When assenmled unit stands 6'-2" tall and is 27" wide. Center of target board is 4'-7". Orange Target Board is 7/16" x 24"x 36" OSB plywood. Easily replacable for the do-it yourseler or order (2) pack at our store. 

The RM 400 is for the serious handgunner.

FREE 8" AR 400 Steel Gong with Purchase.

Shipping weight 145 lbs.

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