Acreage Bullet Catch


Acreage Bullet Catch Portable Handgun Range Testimonials

"My experience with this portable handgun range was nothing short of amazing!  I think this bullet catch it perfect for anyone with an acreage OR any land at all!  We were fortunate enough to try it out ourselves, and to see just how impressive it really is!  We put over 300 rounds into it and it performed beyond my expectations.  The design is not only effective, but also very safe.  Speaking as someone who has taken shrapnel to the face, it was nice to see just how safe the bullet catch really is.  I brought along my best friend who is a Force Recon Marine, and he couldn't believe how effectively this catch performed. He was excited about it and couldn't stop talking about how safe it was. 
       After all four of us were done shooting, we inspected the catch only to find that it still looked brand new!  The metal was cool to the touch and it had caught all the bullet shrapnel safely in the bottom tray.  We were all impressed with the Acreage Bullet Catch, and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys shooting!"
-Stephen R.

"First impressions go a long way.  The Acreage Bullet Catch portable handgun range is unlike any piece of handgun shooting gear I’ve seen.  The concept of a shooting target stand is not new.  A heavy-duty shooting target stand with a steel backplate that stops bullets and bullet fragments is quite innovative.  The first thing I noticed was how well it is made.  This is built to last.  In fact, it is constructed so well that your kids will no doubt fight over it when you’re in the nursing home.  Most target stands are stamped, flimsy metal.  There’s nothing more irritating than having a target stand blow over or fall down when shooting. If the Acreage Bullet Catch blows down while you’re shooting, you had better seek shelter from the oncoming tornado.

Serious thought went into this design.  The steel construction has a high quality powder-coat finish.  All pieces are laser cut, so assembly is a breeze.  I loved the orange OSB panels that slide into the frame.  Targets can be stapled on the 2’x3’ OSB panels, and the orange background makes for great target recognition.  After you shoot up the OSB into swiss cheese, just slide in a new 7/16” OSB panel.  How cool is that?

Whether you’re an occasional plinker or a seasoned competitive shooter, the Acreage Bullet Catch is a safe, well made piece of shooting gear that will provide many years of use."

Brian Arant

Omaha, Nebraska

"I had the opportunity to test drive The Acreage Bullet Catch (ABC) portable handgun range with my son-in-law and his friend a Marine Recognizance Captain.  The first thing that is noticeable is how well the ABC is made, all powder coated steel frame and a generous 2’ x 3’ target area.  The ABC logically breaks down in minutes for easy transport or storage.  We ran close to 200 rounds (mostly 45 Auto 230 gr FMJ and 9MM 115 gr FMJ) at the ABC and it never flinched.  A couple times we had 2 shooters with 45’s pounding it and it never moved.  The debris from our fun was all caught and easily removed from a convenient side panel.  If you have an acreage and love to shoot get one."

Scott Brazda

Omaha NE

"OK Guys and Gals, there's something new in town. it is called the Acreage Bullet Catch,  You can set this Bullet Catch up in no time and start shooting at this thing,  I was shooting my 40 Cal. MP, I love shooting at the Bullet Catch. It is great to have something that is safe to shoot at I would recommend this product for great fun with the guys or with you family, what is even better you can fold it away and put in the car and take it to your friends house for a day of shooting.   When I was shooing with my friends we were shooting
9MM  40 cal. 45 cal. 357 and 38's   Have a safe fun day of shooting."   GH

Acreage Bullet Catch Portable Handgun Range 

"Its about time... that someone developed a true bullet catch system! The Acreage Bullet Catch portable handgun range is easy to move around, easy to cleanup and is of the highest quality construction, truly made to last a lifetime. It can turn any acreage into a professional firing range. A great investment."
Frank Budz
Blair, NE

"After test "driving" the Acreage Bullet Catch portable handgun range, I must say, I'm really impressed.  I don't know which makes the bigger impact (no pun intended)

1.  The total confidence that comes from shooting when even though you have acres of cornfield behind, you know exactly where the downrange lead is going to land.  This really gives peace of mind since we can't all be blessed with a big natural backstop, especially if you happen to live in the creek bottoms!

2.  The sheer punishment these units take and still look great!  I have personally pounded on these bullet catches with everything from a .22 to a .45 and from all appearances they are indestructible."

Great product!"

Jim Ogborn

Bennington, NE

"I have been an avid gun owner and recreational shooter for years. A couple of months ago I had an opportunity to test out a new product and boy did it perform. If you're used to shooting targets and having to make your own stands you know that they aren't very durable when you shoot 1000 rounds. The Bullet Catch portable handgun range is outstanding, .45 auto, 9mm luger, .22 lr, .38, .357 it stands up to most caliber of hand guns and takes a beating. Easy to assemble and quite mobile. Dispose of the debris easily and quickly.  If your a professional or recreational shooter I highly recommend this product."
Cory Guyer